Computer training in your garden or in your kitchen!

Do you get frustrated trying to find documents that you have previously saved? Do you want to learn how to send photos to your family? In your workplace do you use an existing spreadsheet but don't know how to change it or create a new one?
Would you like to be able to write letters, email your friends, or even create a budget using a spreadsheet?  If the answer is YES, Your Mobile Tutor may be the answer! Do you have someone you love that wants to gain confidence with computers?  Your Mobile Tutor offers Gift Certificates - simply the most amazing gift!  You can have one-on-one computer trcomputers in their homes that they either do not know how to use, or have become a complete source of frustration.  Not everyone has the time to attend group computer classes, so we set out to fill that need! If you live in the Northern Sydney area and would like more information about individual computer training, why not contact us to see what we can offer! Our sessions are for all ages and all levels of ability, so don't worry if you don't understand computer terminology!  All training sessions, designed in one, two or three hour blocks, are designed around YOUR needs and held in the comfort of your own home - so this is no ordinary class!  A typical two hour personalised session may cover topics such as email (including attachments), managing your files and folders,  and some word processing tips.  This type of tutorial simply cannot be done in a normal classroom setting. Call us if you are interested in information about training for yourself or a loved one!  Gift Certificates are also available!  Today computer skills are considered a must, but as well as practical uses, it can give you hours and hours of pleasure. Your Mobile Tutor believes that everyone today should be able to enjoy this new technology to bring the world to their doorstep. Microsoft also provides training on their website, for example: Mail Merge Instructions from Microsoft