JoVicUsing the Internet

  • Understanding basic terms and acronyms used
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • What is the internet
  • What is a web server
  • The web browser
  • Searching the internet
  • Websites and URLs
  • Hyperlinks
  • Favourites


  • Understand how email works
  • Creating messages
  • Opening, replying to messages
  • Saving messages to specific folders
  • Attaching files or photos to a message
  • Forward an email
  • Add people to contact list
  • Create message folders
  • Organise messages in folders
  • Saving photos from someone else
  • Spelling and grammar settings
  • Setting up an internet based email account

Social Sites such as:

  • Wiki - Wikipedia is like an online encyclopedia with input by anyone that visits the site
  • Blog - an online journal - Julie, Julia
  • Facebook - allows people to create networks of people around the world, to view info about each other and send private messages
  • Twitter - people can go online with short notes which advise what they are doing.  Very powerful tool for disseminating info about disasters or traumas

Using Skype or Facetime for free phone calls

  • What is Skype
  • With an internet connection, a laptop with a speaker and webcam, free phone calls to anyone else with Skype
  • Reduced phone calls from computer to home business or land lines at very reduced rates