Skills can include

General Information

  • Anatomy of a Word screen - toolbars and menus
  • Using the Task Pane
  • Create a new document, save and close
  • Open, edit, rename and closing program
  • Tricks to move around document
  • Cut, copy and paste text
  • Using references - spell check, thesaurus, grammar
  • Print document - print preview

Formatting your document

  • Changing fonts, font sizes, distances between paragraphs
  • Using indents, bullets, numbering
  • Using borders and shading
  • Setting tabs - left, right, centre, decimal
  • Setting margins, page orientation
  • Adding page breaks in certain places
  • Graphics - add pictures, position them
  • Using WordArt
  • Format Painter

Using Tables

  • Create a table, enter data
  • Change table, calculate in table, sort data

Other great features:

  • Using Find and Replace feature
  • Format Painter to copy formatting features
  • Headers and Footers
  • Creating templates
  • AutoCorrect
  • Change case of text
  • AutoCorrect
  • Change case of text
Skills can include

Mail merge

  • Creating a mail merge using main document and a source data
  • Creating the mail merge manually and with the wizard
  • Choose recipients - Edit, Filter, sort data
  • Creating mail labels

Using columns/forms

  • Create columns, keep text in columns
  • Create a form
  • Inserting fields in form, delete fields
  • Fill-in fields and calculation fields
  • Protect form


  • Create a new style, modify the style
  • Copy styles

Footnotes, Endnotes, Headers, Footers

  • Create footnotes and endnotes
  • Create headers and footers - change headers to even, odd, change headers mid-document
  • Creating a Table of Contents

Other functions

  • Graphics, add, delete, position pictures
  • Work between applications
  • Using Track Changes
  • Using Drop Caps, watermarks, create diagrams
  • Drawing toolbar